About NET

A division of Potomac Testing since 2020, Northern Electrical Testing (NET) is an independent service company established in 1979 and based in Troy, Michigan. The company provides electrical power system acceptance and maintenance testing services, engineering studies, and emergency power restoration services. Accordingly, it provides independent third party, objective testing and analysis, free of the influence of manufacturers and installers of electrical power distribution equipment, emergency generators, paralleling switchgear, and automatic transfer switches. The company’s services are utilized by owners and consulting firms to provide site data and supporting engineering studies to complement their design projects.


We are very pleased to join Potomac Testing and the TechPro Power Group family of companies. We will be able to expand our geographic service area of Michigan and Northwest Ohio that our certified engineers and technicians presently serve. We will also expand our services to the utility, manufacturing & heavy processing industries including high & medium voltage.”

- Lyle Detterman, President